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This is a LIMITED RETURN preorder to gauge interest in the return of Donhiki Vegetable Knife! 


Pay the full amount up front, or a small deposit of $6.90 to secure your spot! Deposit amount of $6.69 will update in checkout, not the cart.


If we get enough interest, anyone who chose to do the deposit will be emailed and asked to submit the rest of the payment in July. 


We'll receive the knives sometime late July and will begin shipping them out mid August after doing quality checks!


Due to shipping restrictions, knives are only available for shipping to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Philippines, India, Thailand, Greece, Bulgaria, Laos, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, & Romania.


The Donhiki Vegetable Knife is a unique, custom design made through the collaboration of Onigiri and Vite Kitchens Founder Tim.

The Donhiki Vegetable Knife will quickly become your knife of choice in the kitchen. With a broad but thin blade, all the weight is balanced behind the blade, allowing for easy, beautiful push cuts. The angular lines and cutout at the top of the Donhiki Vegetable Knife distributes weight evenly for rocking chops, while the back of the blade flares out to help stop hanging ends of cuts, and a slight pronounced forward edge increases front weight for improved knifetip cuts.

The Donhiki Vegetable Knife is capable of anything you would do with a western chef knife, and much more. Often called the “best kept secret'' in chef knives, this style of blade was designed based on the Chinese Vegetable Knife, which also inspired the Japanese Nakiri. We took this blade shape one step further, modernizing the materials used while taking inspiration from the Onigiri Warlord Battleax to design the knife aesthetics.

Unlike a cleaver, which utilizes a thick wedge shape, the thin blade is relatively even in thickness and only a few millimeters all throughout, making it quick, agile, and able to be used even for fine tasks like small dice and brunoise. The flat of the blade also doubles as a quick and easy scoop to easily move your ingredients after you’re done prepping them.

The San Mai(三枚), or “Three Layer” process that’s used on the knife helps protect the VG10 core, while retaining all the keen sharpness and edge retention VG10 is known for, and a beautiful, “Auspicious” damascus pattern reveals itself on the surface alongside Onigiri’s Donhiki mark.

If you were to make a Japanese Katana, you wouldn’t find a Swedish maker to do it, would you?

That’s why we’re turning the idea of “Made In China” on its head. We spent tons of time, money, and effort talking with over two dozen different potential manufacturers, drawing up designs, creating prototypes, and discussing manufacturing processes to find the one that would make the knife exactly how we wanted it, with the expertise in making Chinese Vegetable Knives that only a Chinese manufacturer would be able to do.

This knife is PROUDLY Made In China, because if you’re going to make a Chinese Vegetable Knife for Chinese New Years with a collaboration between two Chinese chefs, including Tim, who’s cooked and worked at a Michelin Star Restaurant, then finding the best Chinese Vegetable Knife maker that makes Chinese Vegetables Knives and adding all the special secret ingredients like Japanese VG10 steel, Onigiri Lore, G10 handle, and knife nerdery is the best thing you can do.

These knives are a project of passion, and the ultimate collaboration expression that has never been done before. Try it for yourself, and see why the Donhiki Vegetable Knife will become your new favorite kitchen tool.


Total Length: 11.5 inches
Blade Length: 7 inches
Blade Material: Double Bevel Japanese VG10 Steel
Blade Cosntruction: Full Tang San Mai Damascus With 69 Layers(yes, really)
Blade Hardness HRC: 60-62
Blade Angle: 12-15 degrees
Handle Material: G10 Polylaminate With Removable Non-Slip Scales


Wash and clean knife with soap and water after every use, and dry thoroughly. Do not put in dishwasher. Hone and sharpen knife as needed.

[Reservation] Donhiki Vegetable Knife
[Reservation] Donhiki Vegetable Knife
[Reservation] Donhiki Vegetable Knife
[Reservation] Donhiki Vegetable Knife
[Reservation] Donhiki Vegetable Knife