Legendary "Honisuki" Knife

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Six inches long, undoubtedly above average, and cut from serpentsteel and hardened by dragonbreath, this knife is said to allow the user to utilize the technique of “Oni no Kizu”.

When preparing herbs, it doesn’t simply cut them-- it parts its very essence, leaving an unclosable wound where the secret sealed aroma manifests in an explosion of vivid sensory enlightenment.

The Honisuki survived the gauntlet of the Onimakase Maelstrom, locking the destructive culinary power into its scales in a dance of swirling colors, with no two scales alike. Each dragonbreath blackened blade is tested against the Bones of the Wu Zhi Mountain granting it a beautiful, yet rugged appearance that embraces wear without fear of scratches upon its surface.

It’s said that this knife enhances one’s culinary abilities, its slender, nimble blade imbued with the devastating power of oni warlords that used to wander the land. The culinary legends of history were forged with the 12 Legendary Blades, honed through countless culinary clashes that resonated throughout the land.

"Honisuki" could see it as "hOni-suki" like honesuki, but you can also see it like "Oni-suki" like oni love :^)
骨スキ <--- honesuki, boning knife
鬼スキ <---- Demon love
H鬼スキ <--- Honisuki

Blade Stats:

6 Inch Blade
Japanese VG-10 Steel
Blackened and Hardened by Dragonflame to 61HRC
Mythical Wu Zhi Mountain Stonewashed Steel
12 Degree Edge Bevel
12 inch total length
Eternal Maelstrom Resin Scales Unique To Each Knife
Octagonal Modified "Wa" Style Handle
304 Stainless Steel Plate Butt
Japanese-Style Tang


Wash and clean knife with soap and water after every use, and dry thoroughly. Do not put in dishwasher. Hone and sharpen knife as needed.

Please note that all orders containing the Honisuki Knife or Spicy Seiso Karassawa Design will be shipped TOGETHER in June with Wave 1.

Orders for the Honisuki Knives made AFTER February 27, 2024 will be part of Wave 2 orders which will ship in late-June.

Due to shipping restrictions, knives are only available for shipping to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Philippines, India, Thailand, Greece, Bulgaria, Laos, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, & Romania.


Legendary &quot;Honisuki&quot; Knife
Legendary &quot;Honisuki&quot; Knife
Legendary &quot;Honisuki&quot; Knife
Legendary &quot;Honisuki&quot; Knife
Legendary &quot;Honisuki&quot; Knife